LUNA Clipse - The Twin Towers (Official Video) ft. KASH JULIANO


Watch the Official Music Video for "The Twin Towers" by LUNA Clipse

LUNA Clipse, follows up his debut release Lunacy with, a second single "The Twin Towers"; where the birth of LUNA happened in the Twin Towers correctional facility for the criminally insane where his Apocalyptic visions created a panic in him that got him falsely charged with assault.

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"The Twin Towers" Official Lyrics:


Luna tick Luna tock
Luna flips off his rock
Luna’s gripped by the cops
Luna’s wrists cuffed and locked
Which brings us to the next spot in this plot
in which this psychotic glimpse
Into the Apocalypse
had me crying out to strangers
blind about these dangers
I’m soon stopped
By two cops
Who tried to place me on my best behavior
I shout, “get down on the ground, right now!”
Trying to save them from the danger
How do they repay the favor?
With a round house to the mouth
And a tackle down to the ground
Is that any way to behave with your savior?
I’m taken into the bars of a vault
blamed and charged with assault
“Here’s our stop, savior,”
the cops say with a smirk
“the elite institute for prophets and saviors”
There were voices down the corridor
I thought I heard them say
Welcome Luniz into the twin towers
The grittiest Lunibin is ours

And When the planes come crashing down on our towers
You won’t read a thing about it
But you will hear our spirits break out
Of lunatics mouths
Through our lyrics they shout
As undoes my cuffs
I’m shoved in with a thrust
The door shuts
And he says “Good Luck”
I turn around to see the other Luniz surrounding me
Prowling around me, growling at me
“Are you ready to pass through hell’s gates?”
One exclaims
“Well we’re the hellhounds”
Another howls
They kick me to the ground
I grab one by the leg
trip him, pin him down and shout
“My soul’s been scorched inside hell’s flames
into a razor sharp blade”
And when they recognized
their hell in my eyes
And their devils in my cries
That’s when we aligned
As our lips mystically linked
We spit rhythmically in sync

Right now I cannot trust anybody here
Right now I cannot trust anybody here
You see pain in my eyes
But when I smile I take them all by surprise

And when my initiation was complete
we became a team
Save visions, same dreams
I felt like Hamilton just walked in the bar
to find his crew
Minus the brew
As we shout about how we’re gonna...
...Rise Up!
Till we’re...
“Tied Up!”
One guy was cuffed down
To a table for so many hours
mouth barely able to shout out or groan
About how his brain was too low on H20
As he was about to pass out
the guard just laughed out
I know it sounds ludicrous
And it’s stupid to think I could prove it
Cause what use is the delusions of a lunatic
disputing this abusive pricks Lucid Witts
Which is why he knew he could do it

And why he chooses this gig
I walked to the water fountain
Filled it in my fingertips
walked back to his mouth and then
lifted it to his blistered lips
when the guard came around and said
“If you give him so much as a drip
You’re getting cuffed to his wrist”
when I didn’t listen to this dip shit
He cuffed me to him with such a vicious grip
it cut the blood off my wrist
Till my hand was so numb
I couldn’t tell my fist from his
It’s ok, What’s the pain of the flesh
when you’ve got a brain
that can escape this mess?
Just then, the doc who dispenses the meds
steps in and says, “suck on this”
shoving a pill up to my lips
“No, I think I’ll keep my lips zipped”
so he fills a dixie cup up to the brim
And gives me a wink
cause he knows I haven’t sipped more than my own spit
since I tried to slip a drip in my fellow luniz blistered lips
And he says...
"if you’re gonna drink in the twins
This pill’s gonna be first thing in”
For each pill doc sticks in my lips
Is Another pill spit
Which is another syringe pricked
Which is pretty much a glimpse
Into how my Witts got extinguished in the Twins

Right now I cannot trust anybody here
Right now I cannot trust anybody here
You see pain in my eyes
But when I smile I take them all by surprise